Relocating Home / New Job/ Marital Breakup

I initially called Harj due to some advice from a close friend. They had tried the healing and recommended it highly. I was at a very low point in my life, and had just separated from my husband. It was both a confusing and a very painful time for me. In many ways I felt lost, even unsure about whether I actually wanted to separate. I was low in confidence after years of trying to fix a relationship which my partner was gradually destroying. I had become someone who was more secure in picking up my partner's mess, than dealing with my own needs. It was a very scary time, stepping away and coming back to myself to have a look at what I actually needed. As the separation was happening I was in constant anxiety, about the future, about my partner and mostly what I was going to do next. It was one of the most difficult things I have ever had to do, to put down my life and walk away.

When I called Harj, I actually did not have very many people left to turn to in my life. Every one was moving along in their day to day business, and one thing I learnt, even though everything had stopped for me, life was still going on for everyone else. It was a lonely time to say the least. There was no judgement from Harj about my situation, she just listened to what I was saying, and from what I remember I was not saying very much at the time. It is all a bit of a haze now.

There was some talking in our session, but not very much. Harj was okay to proceed with the healing, and said she did not need the in and outs of every detail in my relationship. So we only talked about what I felt comfortable with. I did have a few treatments with Harj. The moments that I was with her in the healing I knew I was not alone, and each session was like a step closer to moving on.

After the first couple of sessions I secured myself a job and this was one of my main concerns, as I was going to have to start over and support myself. This actually happened within days of the second treatment with Harj. As time continued I started to accept what had happened, and from each session I was getting more and more strength. I perceived my husband differently to, as before I met Harj I was blaming myself for many aspects of the marriage. I started to feel as if the separation was in fact a good thing, as the limes revealed how much I had changed in my time with him. The day I came for healing, I was vulnerable and extremely lacking in confidence, yet with each session I could feel more and more brightness coming in. I made new friends, got in touch with some old ones, and gained more and more confidence in my working environment.

I remember Harj saying to me, how different I looked, and after about five treatments I felt a real turning point. I was no longer relying on reconciliation, and if there was ever to be one, I now understood it was him that had to make the changes. This level of strength came quite quickly, as I was seeing Harj on a weekly basis.

Had it not been for the spiritual healing I don't know which way things would have gone. I was so vulnerable at the time; I may even have fallen back in to the relationship. It was definitely the easier thing to do at the time. Today I feel I hold my own, and I am able have healthy relationships without that sort of dependency in which I felt so unhappy. These treatments helped me put down very quickly a very difficult part of my life and gave me the strength to stand on my own and start again to create a new life. When I came to Harj I had nowhere else left to turn, now I have my own space, my own job and most of all, I am not living in a state of anxiety.

Anne Smith,
Office Manager,


I felt completely disconnected from my husband. We had a serious lack of communication within our relationship and were not looking towards the same objectives within our marriage i.e. our son and developing a well-rounded life for him.

I felt that the main problem was the lack of engagement between my husband and our son. My husband saw himself as providing for the family and that that was the priority, to work hard and then help out with routine chores around the house. I wanted more for us as a family and couple, to enjoy spending time together away from our home, although lovely, but everyone needs time outside of the usual surroundings. And also to feel re-connected as a couple.

I had tried a treatment previously for my back and it helped me and after speaking with Raj I felt that I had nothing to lose by trying the treatment suggested. Raj was objective during our conversations and only ever made suggestions which helped guide me through my process. I have received three treatments in total. But I see this as a developing process and intend to have more treatments in the future.

I have become more excepting of my present life, which has enabled me to let go of the past and look forward to the future. I feel as though I have a new clarity to my life which was clouded before the treatment. My husband has spent more time with our son over the past few weeks and they are much closer to each other. The fact that our son now runs to his dad (even if I’m in the same room) makes me very happy. And I feel more positive about our future. This is the first time I have tried this type of therapy treatment for a situation not relating to my health. I was unaware that it was accessible. I have recommended this treatment to a family member and will continue to recommend it to whomever would benefit.

West Midlands

Property Sale

Raj had already cured me of my depression, which made me feel confident that he could help me sell my house too. I was trying to sell a property which I spent a lot of time and money refurbishing. There didn't seem to be many viewings even though the market was buoyant, and I still had to pay the mortgage. There were more viewings after I had a treatment with Raj, he also suggested that I stick to the original selling price after I received an offer £10,000 under the asking price.

On one hand I wanted to negotiate, but I stuck with what was advised by Raj from his analysis from my treatment. Two weeks passed, and I got the full asking price from another buyer. The transaction did take a further three weeks, but I did get the money which I would otherwise have lost.

Mike Bull,
Self Employed Builder,
East Sussex, now living in Ohio USA

Property Cleansing

Having received some spiritual therapy for personal issues, I had been telling Harj about how difficult things were still feeling for me with in my house although I was starting to really get my life back together in terms of my confidence, work, and relationships outside my home.

As soon as I was back home I felt like I took two steps back and my internal struggles would start again with continual disruption from uninvited family members, and others I felt were just making my life difficult! As Harj had been providing my with treatments, I was starting to get vivid dreams about how negative I was feeling with in the house, and once Harj interpreted them, she suggested a house clearance!

I remember how difficult things got just before the clearance, I started to see what the problems were, and who was bringing in the negativity into my home life, and it became more and more disrupted until I finally did the house cleansing. Harj said, it would block out the negative energy of anything of anyone who may be bringing it in to my home. The more we talked about it, the more I could see exactly what was happening. I felt like the negativity climaxed right before the treatment, and then a sudden silence. I felt like I would be able to hear a pin drop, finally wrapped up in peace!

I can't tell you how much things improved, no more unwanted family visitors! And that was just the start… ha ha. The horrible panic and low mood left me when I was at home, and despite having other treatments, it was not until the house clearance that I felt like I could actually sit in myself at home! I could finally move around my house freely, and no more tip toeing around!

Pat Steer,
Public Sector

Property Cleansing

I have known Harj for a few years and have been to see her for lime healing before. Knowing that she was quite experienced in energy healing, I felt I had to discuss with her how uncomfortable I was feeling at home. I had mentioned it to her vaguely before, but now I was starting to experiencing objects continuously falling by themselves, and at times when I had been on the phone to Harj I could hear a little girl laughing, this also happened frequently when I was in the shower. Ever since I moved in to the house I did not feel comfortable to go upstairs or move around the house alone. I could constantly feel a presence in the house and numerous things kept happening to make me feel more and more unsettled. I have a stair gate on my stairs, and every morning I would wake up and it would shut and lock itself. I was starting to get nightmares in recent weeks, having visions that would be so scary I would wake up literally shaking. On numerous occasions I would find my daughter talking to someone, and she would often say that she was scared when she was on the stairs which was exactly the same place I felt that uncomfortable presence. Naturally, as a mother of an extremely young child I was worried and my main priority was to protect my child and ensure that she felt safe in her home.

Although I was apprehensive about all this, I had received healing from Harj before and knew she worked doing house clearances. After speaking to her, I instantly felt at ease, as she reassured me that she had dealt with this sort of thing before. The morning after discussing it with Harj, was the first day I did not hear the stair gate, and this was before the house clearance. Harj told me later she had done some distant healing the evening we spoke. This naturally made me trust Harj 100% to do the house cleansing, as I was so reassured by the sudden change. I have always thought I could talk to her about anything, as I have always felt so understood. Harj kept on reassuring me throughout the cleansing process with any queries I had and the assistance really made it a simple process for me and my husband to follow.

During the process I had a couple more nightmares, but on completion of the clearance, I had a dream in which I had a vision of a white Halo. I new this had to be a positive sign and I discussed it with Harj the next day, and she confirmed the negative disturbance, or presence had been cleared, and claimed that confirmation was for me to know that I could now feel safe in my home.

Since the clearance, the noises have stopped, and the stair gate is no longer shutting itself every morning, and more to point my daughter is no longer communing with anyone. I feel so much more at ease and am able to go upstairs alone, and I don't feel that presence at the top of the stairs. My daughter would never go upstairs by herself, and she has been moving around the house more freely, which is just what I want for her, to feel safe in our home. I am glad for doing the property clearance, and I would recommend it to anyone who has experienced anything similar to this.

Manpreet Sangha,
Reception Manager,
Westminster, London

PMS Pre-Menstrual Tension & Relationship Difficulties

I was unable to take control of any situation, from minor to serious problems, which lead to a lot of depression. What didn't help was an issue from a past boyfriend from whom I couldn't move away from. Raj was very caring and passionate about my wellbeing and I could see he wanted the best for me. I did visit a few times, but I needed to understand as I progressed. I gained confidence and improvement in my self-esteem and taking control of my life and situations. I started to believe in myself and striking for my goals and realising that problems only occur if you create them yourself, and if you dismiss this, it can be harder to move forward. It took me a bit of time, but I can truly believe this now.

I also did the healing treatment for my menstrual cycle pains, the pains seem to be less, and the side effects of my depression, is more balanced during my cycle.

I can honestly say that I wouldn't have been the person I am today, if I did not do this healing treatment. I am very grateful, that I went through this process of change.

Self Employed,
Redbridge, Essex

Pregnancy – Distance Healing

I have been having distant healing sessions with Reach Healing for various things over the year. My main reason for providing a testimonial is how amazed I was with the whole experience of finding out about being pregnant from Raj.

Raj called me after he had posted my treatment, and mentioned that I might be pregnant, or about to fall pregnant, and he had a feeling it was going to be a girl. Our conversation continued, as suddenly I recall having a dream the night before, that I was pregnant, which all of a sudden jogged my memory whilst discussing this with Raj. Raj also text me a photograph, of how the limes he was preparing for me, suddenly fell out of his hands and into the sink, looking like a baby. These kind of experiences, have been there, time and time again, but I felt like this moment was captured a more visual experience to share.

I followed the conversation by purchasing a pregnancy tester from the chemist, which confirmed that I was pregnant. The scan from the Hospital confirmed it was a girl. I was so happy, as I have a son already and was now hoping for a girl.

The process of these sessions is like nothing else I have ever come across. Overall, I am in a much better place in myself since contacting Reach Healing, I am more healthy, positive and content. Thank you for being there Raj.

West Midlands