Hay Fever/Lung Scaring Asbestos/Tinnitus/Partial Deafness/Depression

"I no longer suffer from the short breathiness, or the uncomfortable feeling, which plagued me for over 6 years. My doctor said it was something I would have to live with"

Yeadon, Leeds



Hay Fever

I met Raj through work. I had recently started in my new job and had suddenly developed hay fever. I have never suffered for this before and I suspected it was brought on by new stressors and a quick shift in my life circumstancesI got prescribed eye drops from my doctor, which didn’t make me feel any better after following my GP’s advice. After talking to Raj in passing about it, he offered me some recommendations, I was sceptical at first and decided to finish what I had started with my doctor, but after Raj had explained how his treatments work and the idea behind it, I was then willing to give them a try. At this point, the hay fever had gotten worse, mainly affecting my eyes, not realising if it was the medication I was taking or it had just got worse.

Raj initially offered a water treatment which saw immediate affects, the irritation had passed for a few days and I felt more relaxed. The symptoms soon came back after, so Raj suggested I do the complete treatment, as this should get the route of the problem, and he explained how it worked and what sort of benefits I should be open on getting. After trying the treatment I saw an immediate difference and changes that are still ongoing.

I no longer have any hay fever symptoms, also I am finding myself calmer and more focused then I have ever been!

I felt that Raj was respectful throughout the whole process and took time to explain his methods and the story behind it. He was very understanding of the issues I had prior to the treatments and has been very supportive since. I had not tried anything like this before and as I said I was sceptical at first, however now knowing what I know and having experienced a real different in my life, this is something I would definitely do again should I need to. I should stress that for me, this is an ongoing change and development process, it’s important to have an open mind and to be open to self-awareness (trust me it helps), this should not be considered a quick fix, but an aid to facilitate change and growth and wellbeing.

I would recommend this to friends and family, and hope that other people could benefit from this as well.


Emotional Stress/ Headaches

I had gone through a long period of being emotionally stressed, with constant headaches. Around the time I first met Raj I had suffered a very close bereavement which had made the whole situation slightly worse. At the time, I knew a friend who was seeing Raj, and he recommended him to me.

I felt Raj dealt with my issue very well indeed, considering I had no idea what I was letting myself in for or had any prior knowledge of who he was, or what he did. From the very first meeting he put me at ease and was very considerate about everything I was talking about in my sessions. Despite being cynical, he made me feel comfortable about the treatment, and I went on to have around four of five sessions I think. For me it was great therapy!

The whole experience was very surreal and I must admit I thought was a bit bonkers at the start! But I would say you really need to go through the whole experience to understand and take in the effects of the whole process. From the offset talking with Raj was and is amazing as most of the answers came from me within. Throughout the duration of the various sessions I felt a real shift inside, each time I was having the treatment I felt a different aura of something tranquil, that I had not experienced before. If you are to try this, you need to go in with an open mind and just go with it naturally and simply enjoy the experience.

My sessions have really helped big time. I no longer let thing's build up to the point where I feel the kind of emotional stress I used to feel. I am constantly dealing with things head on and now feel at ease with things.

Weirdly Raj always pops up in my head from time to time so his spiritual guidance from past sessions has always remained. At the end of the day everybody is different but with anything firstly you need to believe in yourself, sometimes emotions take over our judgement and can start to cloud things or build things up that are not needed in the first place.

The healing may sound daft or mad but I am glad I went along as it has really open my mind up and until then I was starting to become a wreck. I even went to the Doctors and even went to get a scan done, so with Raj it was my last resort and now I have more respect about the powers of my own body and mind!

I for sure will return to see Raj, good luck!

Music Promoter and DJ Paul Ruiz,
SE London

Cocaine Addiction

“If you’ve hit a brick wall, then I suggest you try this treatment.  I feel calmer, less anxious, and have more respect for myself and others.  I also am free from the need for drugs and so much richer in my pocket”

Anonymous – Self Employed, West London

Career Progression/Stress

I first came into contact with Raj when I was reaching the final stages of study for a career change. I was lost and unfocused, unable to concentrate and losing sight of my goals. Raj's treatments helped me reduce my stress levels and study again with a clear mind. Thanks to him and his healing treatment, I was able to work positively towards a stress free pass in my exams.

Project Manager,
Maida Vale, London

Back Problem/Knee Injury/Sciatica

I had a back problem and injury to my right knee from playing Sunday League Football and general sports. I was introduced to this by Raj, who explained to me the whole process, so I thought that I would give it a try as I felt there was no harm in trying. Raj was sensitive in his approach, which helped reassure me and gave me a better understanding of what to expect. I received 2 treatments (oil for my knee and back) and the actual process treatment. My knee felt better within the same week as did my back, but after playing a double game of football one Sunday soon after, my knee started to play up again, so Raj advised me to complete the oil bottle first and allow the knee to fully recover, which I did.

The treatment helped de-stress me and I felt re-invigorated by the experience and my knee is now much stronger than it was prior to treatment. Raj also mentioned about my knee problem after he mediated on my situation, before I mentioned it to him, which was unusual as we originally discussed my back pains. I had tried an osteopath for my back (4-5 sessions) trouble but this became a costly procedure. I have recommended my girlfriend to try this, and would say you should go with an open mind and see the benefits.

Marcel Piquemal
North London

Anger Management/Career Progression

I have known Raj for a long time, for about 10 to 11 years now - and remember him going to the Far East to learn how to give this form of therapy. After he had been back in London practising such treatment, I decided to see him for some healing myself.

At that time I was having a crisis with my career and as a result of that my anger was manifesting so intensely and in inappropriate places and occasions. I started following Raj's advice and to bathe in the lime bath. After about five sessions my career improved. I was promoted by my place of work to a senior level; my working relationships got so much better that even I was so surprised to notice that certain things that used to annoy or anger me ceased to have such an effect on me.
Another benefit that I got out of this treatment was a general improvement in my health. I became calmer and happier.

Thank you, Raj.

George Hall.
South East London