Sleep Deprivation

Hay Fever/Lung Scaring Asbestos/Tinnitus/Partial Deafness/Depression

"I no longer suffer from the short breathiness, or the uncomfortable feeling, which plagued me for over 6 years. My doctor said it was something I would have to live with"

Yeadon, Leeds



Sleep Deprivation & Relationship Breakup/Anxiety

I had suffered from anxiety for many years which was heightened to a state of severe anxiety due to relationship split. I received three treatments in total.

Initially made me feel calmer and enabled me to think more rationally, thus enabling me to deal with practical issues associated with my relationship break up. Secondly I no longer take medication for my anxiety which I had been taking for the last four years, which was prescribed by my doctor. I also had trouble sleeping; sometimes I would be awake for most of the night, which gradually improved and came back during my treatments with Raj.

Lee Elkin,
Anerley, South London


Emotional fatigue and a general lack of direction in my life was a real problem when I came for treatment at Reach Healing. Having spoken to Raj about various things, he suggested that I try the healing treatment. I consider myself a spiritual and open-minded person, so figured that I had nothing to lose.

Raj was very sensitive, patient and knowledgeable, his manner and demeanour instil confidence. He also made sure that I was clearly aware that my actions would be partially responsible for any successes/breakthroughs following treatment in terms of 'listening' to my body and mind and truly feeling any shifts and/or blockages.

A few days after the treatment, I noticed that I was much calmer and felt mentally stronger. It's now some months on and I have mostly maintained that feeling. I have also been able to look at specific issues objectively and apply an unemotional logic to help them reach a conclusion and gain more confidence in myself and my abilities. I was also sleeping better.

I have tried Reiki as an alternative treatment before however I don't feel that I knew enough about it to gain anything other than physically tangible results (I attempted it for pain relief). I felt a greater level of understanding of the problem I had, how to deal with it, and the results I achieved with this healing!

Heather Watts,
Client Management,
SW London

Anxiety, Depression & Panic Attacks

I had suffered with Anxiety and have struggled for a long time. I was given anti-anxiety and anti-depressant tablets by my doctor, as well as being offered and receiving counselling alongside this. Although I still suffered bad anxiety and panic attacks regardless of the medication and counselling, I thought I would try and tackle this from a different angle. I initially believed Reach Healing’s treatment would not work and was very sceptical, but there were things that Raj mentioned, that made sense in order for me to give this a go.
Since the 2 sessions with Raj, which was just over 2 months ago, I have not only calmed down a lot within myself, I also find things generally a lot clearer. Not only in my day to day life, but I sleep better, because I am able to stop myself from not using all my energy panicking every day. I would highly recommend this form of treatment, especially more if you are sceptical, as you will be pleasantly surprised how it can help you overcome the problem that you are trying to deal with in a real sense.

Procurement Officer

Anxiety & Anger/ Bedwetting/Weeping Eye

“My youngest son who has always had a problem with bedwetting suddenly stopped after the treatment, and was more confident in himself”

Julie Robinson, Administrator,
Basildon, Essex

Alcohol Addiction & Depressions – Distance Healing

Hi Raj, your package arrived last Saturday after you did the Distant Healing Treatment. I have been using the incense and the rose water every night since Friday, I also started meditating with the candle last night.

The changes in the last week have been amazing. I stopped drinking altogether 10 days ago. I already feel myself moving away from wanting to use medication and have so far halved my dose of anti-depressants with no side effects. My sleep has been so relaxing and the bad dreams have all but disappeared. I have tons more energy and drive and have been exercising at least 45 minutes every day since last Sunday. All round I feel so fantastic - happy, relaxed and positive. Thank you so much for your help and I look forward to see what the next treatment is going to bring me.

Thanks again,

Near Cambridge