Knee Pain & Discomfort

I have been experiencing a lingering problem with my knee for 6 months or more, I had seen my Doctor, and found the NHS unsatisfactory for this problem. In order to try and walk properly, I felt I had to clench my thigh muscle, because my knee would just give way to the left or right randomly, which was very painful and weak some days. I continually wore a knee brace to support my leg To stay active I enjoy long walks and DIY, but this sometimes proved to be problematic.

I knew Raj, but it was a friend of mine who convinced me to give this a go after explaining how it had helped him, with Arthritis, otherwise it was something I would never have considered benefiting me or working.

The first session I felt a real difference to my knee, it was much better but it relapsed so I lost confidence in this, but this is something Raj said I could expect to happen and that I shouldn't give up at the first hurdle. Since then I have tried this again twice and touch wood it has remained normal and I can walk properly again. It has been pain free for just over 3 months since and I definitely would tell my family and friends about this.



Yeadon, Leeds

Back Problem/Knee Injury/Sciatica

I had a back problem and injury to my right knee from playing Sunday League Football and general sports. I was introduced to this by Raj, who explained to me the whole process, so I thought that I would give it a try as I felt there was no harm in trying. Raj was sensitive in his approach, which helped reassure me and gave me a better understanding of what to expect. I received 2 treatments (oil for my knee and back) and the actual process treatment. My knee felt better within the same week as did my back, but after playing a double game of football one Sunday soon after, my knee started to play up again, so Raj advised me to complete the oil bottle first and allow the knee to fully recover, which I did.

The treatment helped de-stress me and I felt re-invigorated by the experience and my knee is now much stronger than it was prior to treatment. Raj also mentioned about my knee problem after he mediated on my situation, before I mentioned it to him, which was unusual as we originally discussed my back pains. I had tried an osteopath for my back (4-5 sessions) trouble but this became a costly procedure. I have recommended my girlfriend to try this, and would say you should go with an open mind and see the benefits.

Marcel Piquemal
North London