Emotional fatigue and a general lack of direction in my life was a real problem when I came for treatment at Reach Healing. Having spoken to Raj about various things, he suggested that I try the healing treatment. I consider myself a spiritual and open-minded person, so figured that I had nothing to lose.

Raj was very sensitive, patient and knowledgeable, his manner and demeanour instil confidence. He also made sure that I was clearly aware that my actions would be partially responsible for any successes/breakthroughs following treatment in terms of 'listening' to my body and mind and truly feeling any shifts and/or blockages.

A few days after the treatment, I noticed that I was much calmer and felt mentally stronger. It's now some months on and I have mostly maintained that feeling. I have also been able to look at specific issues objectively and apply an unemotional logic to help them reach a conclusion and gain more confidence in myself and my abilities. I was also sleeping better.

I have tried Reiki as an alternative treatment before however I don't feel that I knew enough about it to gain anything other than physically tangible results (I attempted it for pain relief). I felt a greater level of understanding of the problem I had, how to deal with it, and the results I achieved with this healing!

Heather Watts,
Client Management,
SW London

Career Progression/ New Job

Because of the treatment benefits I previously received for my back and knee, I was definitely more open to try this to assist me with career progression. Raj and I had already spoke of gearing myself for my long term ambition to working in Europe, or moving up the ladder in my current career path. I was advised to not pay too much attention right now on a future dream which I was keen to pursue, and stay open to the present opportunities, that could be of great benefit and provide a solid foundation, awareness and greater gain more confidences as well as a wealth of experience for my chosen career path for the future, if I had not made any advances of pursuing that now.

I knew this was reasonable and logical approach, thetreatment also assisted me be not so emotional and stagnant in my approach, and gave me greater clarity, where I was overly thinking about scenarios, without anything actually happening.

I went for the job as it was suggested to me after the lime treatment, I was told about the competition from the lime reading, but the job was mine, which did give me greater freedom on the day of my interview, I got offered the job and was even told when I was offered, that it was a close competition.

I am also discussing other ways of exploring this healing technique with Raj to enhance myself generally, as I have become more aware of things generally, and have also gone through changes that are speaking for themselves in my everyday interaction.

Marcel Piquemal
North London

Career Progression/Stress

I first came into contact with Raj when I was reaching the final stages of study for a career change. I was lost and unfocused, unable to concentrate and losing sight of my goals. Raj's treatments helped me reduce my stress levels and study again with a clear mind. Thanks to him and his healing treatment, I was able to work positively towards a stress free pass in my exams.

Project Manager,
Maida Vale, London

Alcohol Addiction & Depressions – Distance Healing

Hi Raj, your package arrived last Saturday after you did the Distant Healing Treatment. I have been using the incense and the rose water every night since Friday, I also started meditating with the candle last night.

The changes in the last week have been amazing. I stopped drinking altogether 10 days ago. I already feel myself moving away from wanting to use medication and have so far halved my dose of anti-depressants with no side effects. My sleep has been so relaxing and the bad dreams have all but disappeared. I have tons more energy and drive and have been exercising at least 45 minutes every day since last Sunday. All round I feel so fantastic - happy, relaxed and positive. Thank you so much for your help and I look forward to see what the next treatment is going to bring me.

Thanks again,

Near Cambridge