Career Progression/Stress

I first came into contact with Raj when I was reaching the final stages of study for a career change. I was lost and unfocused, unable to concentrate and losing sight of my goals. Raj's treatments helped me reduce my stress levels and study again with a clear mind. Thanks to him and his healing treatment, I was able to work positively towards a stress free pass in my exams.

Project Manager,
Maida Vale, London

Anxiety, Depression & Panic Attacks

I had suffered with Anxiety and have struggled for a long time. I was given anti-anxiety and anti-depressant tablets by my doctor, as well as being offered and receiving counselling alongside this. Although I still suffered bad anxiety and panic attacks regardless of the medication and counselling, I thought I would try and tackle this from a different angle. I initially believed Reach Healing’s treatment would not work and was very sceptical, but there were things that Raj mentioned, that made sense in order for me to give this a go.
Since the 2 sessions with Raj, which was just over 2 months ago, I have not only calmed down a lot within myself, I also find things generally a lot clearer. Not only in my day to day life, but I sleep better, because I am able to stop myself from not using all my energy panicking every day. I would highly recommend this form of treatment, especially more if you are sceptical, as you will be pleasantly surprised how it can help you overcome the problem that you are trying to deal with in a real sense.

Procurement Officer

Anxiety & Anger/ Bedwetting/Weeping Eye

“My youngest son who has always had a problem with bedwetting suddenly stopped after the treatment, and was more confident in himself”

Julie Robinson, Administrator,
Basildon, Essex

Anger Management

I was experiencing feeling of anger and betrayal towards certain individuals who have over the years, taken advantage of situations and people close to me. Raj was a good listener, and I went on to have one session of healing with him.

It was good to think about what was creating these feelings and to work towards putting things behind me. Feeling lighter and more energetic, gaining a much better perspective on my situation.

Yes, I would recommend this treatment to anyone considering it.

Andrew M.
West London