Anxiety & Anger/ Bedwetting/Weeping Eye

“My youngest son who has always had a problem with bedwetting suddenly stopped after the treatment, and was more confident in himself”

Julie Robinson, Administrator,
Basildon, Essex

Anger Management/Career Progression

I have known Raj for a long time, for about 10 to 11 years now - and remember him going to the Far East to learn how to give this form of therapy. After he had been back in London practising such treatment, I decided to see him for some healing myself.

At that time I was having a crisis with my career and as a result of that my anger was manifesting so intensely and in inappropriate places and occasions. I started following Raj's advice and to bathe in the lime bath. After about five sessions my career improved. I was promoted by my place of work to a senior level; my working relationships got so much better that even I was so surprised to notice that certain things that used to annoy or anger me ceased to have such an effect on me.
Another benefit that I got out of this treatment was a general improvement in my health. I became calmer and happier.

Thank you, Raj.

George Hall.
South East London

Anger Management

I was experiencing feeling of anger and betrayal towards certain individuals who have over the years, taken advantage of situations and people close to me. Raj was a good listener, and I went on to have one session of healing with him.

It was good to think about what was creating these feelings and to work towards putting things behind me. Feeling lighter and more energetic, gaining a much better perspective on my situation.

Yes, I would recommend this treatment to anyone considering it.

Andrew M.
West London