Hay Fever/Lung Scaring Asbestos/Tinnitus/Partial Deafness/Depression

"I no longer suffer from the short breathiness, or the uncomfortable feeling, which plagued me for over 6 years. My doctor said it was something I would have to live with"

Yeadon, Leeds



Anxiety & Panic Attacks/Loss of Hearing

Having been attacked by a gang of youths, I was left with an in-balance in my right ear drum as I had been punched on the side of my head. My GP sent me for a CT scan after receiving an initial check-up in A&E. Nothing could be detected via the scan, other than my response and reaction to the tests that I underwent for my balance and coordination. I was told my hearing may heal itself over time, so I was prescribed ear drops.

For many years after this, all I was hearing was a muffling sound in one of my ears, and a constant high pitched back ground noise. I kept turning my head to try and lip read what people were saying. Basic communication had become hard work, in addition affecting my response to things generally.

The attack was traumatic enough, but I was concerned how my hearing had been affected by the incident. I came across the Reach Healing website, read a bit of it and called for a consultation. I was told the treatment would definitely help with my balance and coordination, and there was a possible chance it might help with my hearing, depending on severity or damage.

As part of my second treatment, I was given water, which I used to drop into my ears. The following day I felt a little more balanced and my coordination was better, and natural sounds and conversations, became clearer, without me having to make the effort to read people’s lips and watch their body language as I had got so used to doing. The high pitched noise was no longer there. I was recommended another follow up treatment which I did considering the progress. I never understood the effect of losing my hearing, until I started to hear properly again, even though it is not 100%, it has improved dramatically and remained consistent ever since.

The treatment also helped me to overcome the fear of being attacked again, which gave me panic attacks, as it eased my emotions and helped me to relax. I will recommend that you take this form of treatment seriously, as my recovery spoke louder than any words ever did for me. Many thanks Raj.

IT Engineer
Ealing London