Emotional Stress/ Headaches

I had gone through a long period of being emotionally stressed, with constant headaches. Around the time I first met Raj I had suffered a very close bereavement which had made the whole situation slightly worse. At the time, I knew a friend who was seeing Raj, and he recommended him to me.

I felt Raj dealt with my issue very well indeed, considering I had no idea what I was letting myself in for or had any prior knowledge of who he was, or what he did. From the very first meeting he put me at ease and was very considerate about everything I was talking about in my sessions. Despite being cynical, he made me feel comfortable about the treatment, and I went on to have around four of five sessions I think. For me it was great therapy!

The whole experience was very surreal and I must admit I thought was a bit bonkers at the start! But I would say you really need to go through the whole experience to understand and take in the effects of the whole process. From the offset talking with Raj was and is amazing as most of the answers came from me within. Throughout the duration of the various sessions I felt a real shift inside, each time I was having the treatment I felt a different aura of something tranquil, that I had not experienced before. If you are to try this, you need to go in with an open mind and just go with it naturally and simply enjoy the experience.

My sessions have really helped big time. I no longer let thing's build up to the point where I feel the kind of emotional stress I used to feel. I am constantly dealing with things head on and now feel at ease with things.

Weirdly Raj always pops up in my head from time to time so his spiritual guidance from past sessions has always remained. At the end of the day everybody is different but with anything firstly you need to believe in yourself, sometimes emotions take over our judgement and can start to cloud things or build things up that are not needed in the first place.

The healing may sound daft or mad but I am glad I went along as it has really open my mind up and until then I was starting to become a wreck. I even went to the Doctors and even went to get a scan done, so with Raj it was my last resort and now I have more respect about the powers of my own body and mind!

I for sure will return to see Raj, good luck!

Music Promoter and DJ Paul Ruiz,
SE London