Gestational Diabetes

Gestational Diabetes

After a routine test with the hospital I was told that I had developed Gestational Diabetes which is common in the last trimester of pregnancy. At seven months I still felt full of energy as the reading was only slightly higher than the target reading required.

Prior to the Treatment with Reach Healing, my sugar level reading should have been no higher than 5.5 and on one or two occasions it was 5.8. I was told if it continued to read higher than 5.5 I would need medication (unspecified) to control it.

I am enthusiastic about alternative therapies and have successfully received a range of treatments over the years with positive outcomes including craniosacral therapy on a regular basis. So I was curious about this treatment after coming across Raj who was very helpful and informative about the range of therapies offered by Reach Healing. He asked me how I had been feeling prior to the tests and on a day to day basis & what I hoped to gain out of the treatment.

I received one treatment from Reach Healing. I felt a heightened sense of well- being with increased levels of energy over the subsequent days and weeks following the treatment. After the treatment with Raj my readings have been a more stable over the last few weeks of between 5.0 and 5.6 most mornings. I would definitely recommend this form of treatment to family and friends.

Thank you Reach Healing.

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