Gall Stones

Gall Stones

I was rushed to hospital with severe cramps in my lower abdomen, and after a scan I was told that I had a large gall stone, and was told by the GP that this would have to be removed fairly quickly, and in the mean time I was sent home with pain killers to keep me comfortable.

I immediately contacted Raj, who had already helped me with other serious health issues including recovering from a stroke, as I didn't realise they could laser gall stones, and had misunderstood the GP thinking I would be booked for an operation that would involve an insertion of some type. I just did not want to have an operation; and the thought of it terrified me. The pain continued so I quickly booked a treatment with Raj.

Raj eased my fears during the treatment, and said the condition was perfectly treatable. He actually told me that I had three gall stones from his method of therapy, and called me back for treatment the following week. During this time I was called in to hospital for another scan, for which I was reluctant to go, as the pain had considerably subsided after one treatment and I was off the pain killers. To my amazement I was told that I had more gall stones than what I was originally told in my first scan. This confirmed my faith in Raj.

After three healing treatments, Raj insisted the stones had cleared. My GP nevertheless set up a date for the operation. On the date of the operation they took me in foran initial scan, and were unable to detect the gall stones, just as Raj had said. The date of my operation was cancelled, but I was given a new date immediately, because the nurse insisted that I had either eaten on that day or the scan equipment had not picked up the gall stones for some bizarre reason. It was due to the size of the original stone that she kept insisting it still must be there.

On the next scan date, they still seemed confused at my scan, now insisting that they could see something. At this point I had stopped listening to the hospital. I felt no pain, and all symptoms had stopped. I kept the faith in my healing, and was so glad I did not have to have an operation.

Jasbir Tiwana,