Distance Healing

Pregnancy – Distance Healing

I have been having distant healing sessions with Reach Healing for various things over the year. My main reason for providing a testimonial is how amazed I was with the whole experience of finding out about being pregnant from Raj.

Raj called me after he had posted my treatment, and mentioned that I might be pregnant, or about to fall pregnant, and he had a feeling it was going to be a girl. Our conversation continued, as suddenly I recall having a dream the night before, that I was pregnant, which all of a sudden jogged my memory whilst discussing this with Raj. Raj also text me a photograph, of how the limes he was preparing for me, suddenly fell out of his hands and into the sink, looking like a baby. These kind of experiences, have been there, time and time again, but I felt like this moment was captured a more visual experience to share.

I followed the conversation by purchasing a pregnancy tester from the chemist, which confirmed that I was pregnant. The scan from the Hospital confirmed it was a girl. I was so happy, as I have a son already and was now hoping for a girl.

The process of these sessions is like nothing else I have ever come across. Overall, I am in a much better place in myself since contacting Reach Healing, I am more healthy, positive and content. Thank you for being there Raj.

West Midlands

Alcohol Addiction & Depressions – Distance Healing

Hi Raj, your package arrived last Saturday after you did the Distant Healing Treatment. I have been using the incense and the rose water every night since Friday, I also started meditating with the candle last night.

The changes in the last week have been amazing. I stopped drinking altogether 10 days ago. I already feel myself moving away from wanting to use medication and have so far halved my dose of anti-depressants with no side effects. My sleep has been so relaxing and the bad dreams have all but disappeared. I have tons more energy and drive and have been exercising at least 45 minutes every day since last Sunday. All round I feel so fantastic - happy, relaxed and positive. Thank you so much for your help and I look forward to see what the next treatment is going to bring me.

Thanks again,

Near Cambridge