Bone Joints

Knee Joint

I was suffering from knee joint stiffness over the years from playing squash and golf and it was constantly sore and stiff. I have tried cranial sacral and Reiki energy field work, only temporally feeling better but it kept on going back to how it was over a short period of time. I got talking to Raj one day, who listened and suggested that I apply the small bottle of oil he offered to give me over the affected area over 3 days, which after only 2 days the soreness and stiffness disappeared completely and has not reoccurred in the last 4 months.

I asked him how it could have had the impact it did and if you needed to believe in this sort of treatment for it to work? Raj replied, that I didn’t know what the oil was when I got offered it in the first instance, and the realisation of the result should be all the belief that I needed as proof. I found Raj’s approach sympathetic, practical and it worked for me.

Peter S,
Tunbridge Wells

Knee Pain

I was suffering from pains in my left knee after going to the gym in the morning. The pain was excruciating and my knee was also making a clicking noise every time I bent down to pick anything up. I already had a Reach Healing Treatment, so I already experienced the benefits from previous sessions.   Raj advised on what to bring on this occasion, so he could be shown any blockage or imbalance in greater depth. After the home care pack, I felt really energetic, and light, like a load had been lifted. I felt very calm, happy and rejuvenated and I slept like a baby for weeks after my treatment. 

The pain reduced a great deal, but didn’t completely go, but was definitely an improvement on how it was before.  Raj gave me more oil to support the healing process. I carried on with daily life duties and realised soon after that there was no pain or discomfort, and I was able to bend my knees without and twinge or sudden pang. It had gone, totally gone. 

Elaine Edwards,
Camberwell, London

Back Pain

I have suffered with a bad back for many years; it had got so stiff and painful to move around that it was driving me mad. I was taking anti-inflammatory tablets which occasionally helped, but didn’t always make any difference. I applied the meditative healing oil over the course of about a week.

The pain subsided a great deal and over a couple of weeks, giving me some flexibility back as well as a good night sleep. Following that it has disappeared completely and has not returned for around 6 months.

I wouldn’t have believed that meditating on oil would have made a difference to how my back feels now, but am more open minded the fact that it worked for me.

I would recommend this for physical pain definitely. I don’t have access to the website Raj mentioned, but I am happy to share my experience because I know how uncomfortable having a back pain is!

Joe Chambers,
Security Guard & Reception Staff
Croydon, Surrey.

Back Problem/Knee Injury/Sciatica

I had a back problem and injury to my right knee from playing Sunday League Football and general sports. I was introduced to this by Raj, who explained to me the whole process, so I thought that I would give it a try as I felt there was no harm in trying. Raj was sensitive in his approach, which helped reassure me and gave me a better understanding of what to expect. I received 2 treatments (oil for my knee and back) and the actual process treatment. My knee felt better within the same week as did my back, but after playing a double game of football one Sunday soon after, my knee started to play up again, so Raj advised me to complete the oil bottle first and allow the knee to fully recover, which I did.

The treatment helped de-stress me and I felt re-invigorated by the experience and my knee is now much stronger than it was prior to treatment. Raj also mentioned about my knee problem after he mediated on my situation, before I mentioned it to him, which was unusual as we originally discussed my back pains. I had tried an osteopath for my back (4-5 sessions) trouble but this became a costly procedure. I have recommended my girlfriend to try this, and would say you should go with an open mind and see the benefits.

Marcel Piquemal
North London

Arthritis/Distant Healing

I have been getting arthritic shooting pains in all my fingers on both hands for around 2 years. My GP advised me that as I am on four different types of medication for my high blood pressure which was diagnosed in 1979, it wouldn’t be advisable to take any more medication to treat my arthritis, as my medication is already very strong, so she couldn’t recommend anything further that might help.

I’ve already sought help from Raj for my back pains, which hasn’t given me any problems for almost a year since, touch wood!

He advised me to try the treatment for my arthritis and if it helped also apply the same system to his high blood pressure. But as I work 12 hour shifts most days, it was not really suitable to me, so I took a Distant Healing Treatment and a bottle of meditated oil which Raj suggested. I have now been applying the oil for over a month, day and night.

The treatment has paid off remarkably well. I no longer get the uncomfortable sensations or stabbing pains, and my hand movements are what I would consider normal. We are now talking about reducing my blood pressure, if this is at all possible it would be interesting to see if anything changes, as my arthritis feels like it has completely gone.

I have told a few more people about this man, and I’m convinced he can help you, without drugs and without side effects. Thanks again.

Joe Chambers,
Security Guard & Reception Staff
Croydon, Surrey.