Sleep Deprivation & Relationship Breakup/Anxiety

I had suffered from anxiety for many years which was heightened to a state of severe anxiety due to relationship split. I received three treatments in total.

Initially made me feel calmer and enabled me to think more rationally, thus enabling me to deal with practical issues associated with my relationship break up. Secondly I no longer take medication for my anxiety which I had been taking for the last four years, which was prescribed by my doctor. I also had trouble sleeping; sometimes I would be awake for most of the night, which gradually improved and came back during my treatments with Raj.

Lee Elkin,
Anerley, South London

Relocating Home / New Job/ Marital Breakup

I initially called Harj due to some advice from a close friend. They had tried the healing and recommended it highly. I was at a very low point in my life, and had just separated from my husband. It was both a confusing and a very painful time for me. In many ways I felt lost, even unsure about whether I actually wanted to separate. I was low in confidence after years of trying to fix a relationship which my partner was gradually destroying. I had become someone who was more secure in picking up my partner's mess, than dealing with my own needs. It was a very scary time, stepping away and coming back to myself to have a look at what I actually needed. As the separation was happening I was in constant anxiety, about the future, about my partner and mostly what I was going to do next. It was one of the most difficult things I have ever had to do, to put down my life and walk away.

When I called Harj, I actually did not have very many people left to turn to in my life. Every one was moving along in their day to day business, and one thing I learnt, even though everything had stopped for me, life was still going on for everyone else. It was a lonely time to say the least. There was no judgement from Harj about my situation, she just listened to what I was saying, and from what I remember I was not saying very much at the time. It is all a bit of a haze now.

There was some talking in our session, but not very much. Harj was okay to proceed with the healing, and said she did not need the in and outs of every detail in my relationship. So we only talked about what I felt comfortable with. I did have a few treatments with Harj. The moments that I was with her in the healing I knew I was not alone, and each session was like a step closer to moving on.

After the first couple of sessions I secured myself a job and this was one of my main concerns, as I was going to have to start over and support myself. This actually happened within days of the second treatment with Harj. As time continued I started to accept what had happened, and from each session I was getting more and more strength. I perceived my husband differently to, as before I met Harj I was blaming myself for many aspects of the marriage. I started to feel as if the separation was in fact a good thing, as the limes revealed how much I had changed in my time with him. The day I came for healing, I was vulnerable and extremely lacking in confidence, yet with each session I could feel more and more brightness coming in. I made new friends, got in touch with some old ones, and gained more and more confidence in my working environment.

I remember Harj saying to me, how different I looked, and after about five treatments I felt a real turning point. I was no longer relying on reconciliation, and if there was ever to be one, I now understood it was him that had to make the changes. This level of strength came quite quickly, as I was seeing Harj on a weekly basis.

Had it not been for the spiritual healing I don't know which way things would have gone. I was so vulnerable at the time; I may even have fallen back in to the relationship. It was definitely the easier thing to do at the time. Today I feel I hold my own, and I am able have healthy relationships without that sort of dependency in which I felt so unhappy. These treatments helped me put down very quickly a very difficult part of my life and gave me the strength to stand on my own and start again to create a new life. When I came to Harj I had nowhere else left to turn, now I have my own space, my own job and most of all, I am not living in a state of anxiety.

Anne Smith,
Office Manager,


I was born with epilepsy, but it subsided when I was very young until 1976, since then I have always been prescribed very strong medication to support me throughout my life. I am also partially blind, but try and lead an active life as possible, by working as a reception clerk for a local charity and by going to the gym and socialise with friends and family. Raj is related to me, and offered his service to try and see if he could help me have a better quality of life as I try to be as independent as I can. I have been following Raj's advice and receive treatment when possible, which has so far allowed the fits to be further apart than they were before. I used to get them at least every two weeks, but so far this has reduced to around 5 to six times a year.

We also did the treatment for when I was desperately trying to move away from the area I was living in, because it was being run down by youths, and vandals who didn't have respect for the public, disabled or otherwise. Which I felt has worked, because soon after doing so, I was re-housed and living in a more safe and secure area, where I knew friends and family, and where I didn't need to feel as uncomfortable as I did.

Rajinder Johal,
Reception Clerk,
Charlton, London

Emotional Stress/ Headaches

I had gone through a long period of being emotionally stressed, with constant headaches. Around the time I first met Raj I had suffered a very close bereavement which had made the whole situation slightly worse. At the time, I knew a friend who was seeing Raj, and he recommended him to me.

I felt Raj dealt with my issue very well indeed, considering I had no idea what I was letting myself in for or had any prior knowledge of who he was, or what he did. From the very first meeting he put me at ease and was very considerate about everything I was talking about in my sessions. Despite being cynical, he made me feel comfortable about the treatment, and I went on to have around four of five sessions I think. For me it was great therapy!

The whole experience was very surreal and I must admit I thought was a bit bonkers at the start! But I would say you really need to go through the whole experience to understand and take in the effects of the whole process. From the offset talking with Raj was and is amazing as most of the answers came from me within. Throughout the duration of the various sessions I felt a real shift inside, each time I was having the treatment I felt a different aura of something tranquil, that I had not experienced before. If you are to try this, you need to go in with an open mind and just go with it naturally and simply enjoy the experience.

My sessions have really helped big time. I no longer let thing's build up to the point where I feel the kind of emotional stress I used to feel. I am constantly dealing with things head on and now feel at ease with things.

Weirdly Raj always pops up in my head from time to time so his spiritual guidance from past sessions has always remained. At the end of the day everybody is different but with anything firstly you need to believe in yourself, sometimes emotions take over our judgement and can start to cloud things or build things up that are not needed in the first place.

The healing may sound daft or mad but I am glad I went along as it has really open my mind up and until then I was starting to become a wreck. I even went to the Doctors and even went to get a scan done, so with Raj it was my last resort and now I have more respect about the powers of my own body and mind!

I for sure will return to see Raj, good luck!

Music Promoter and DJ Paul Ruiz,
SE London

Cocaine Addiction

“If you’ve hit a brick wall, then I suggest you try this treatment.  I feel calmer, less anxious, and have more respect for myself and others.  I also am free from the need for drugs and so much richer in my pocket”

Anonymous – Self Employed, West London


I have known Raj since 2004/5 he explained to me back then he practiced with the lime healing treatment and as I was suffering from anxiety attacks. I decided to seek help from him, at the time he was working from a clinic in welling.

I wasn't the type of person that normally would seek help like this but Raj was very helpful in listening and explaining the whole process so I was happy to go ahead with it and it was taking its toll on me. After the treatment over the 2 week period I noticed I wasn't suffering from the anxiety or panic attacks.

I was totally amazed and relieved after suffering for years with no answers. I still keep in touch with Raj. I would recommend anyone give Raj and the team a try and I'm sure you won't be disappointed.


Anxiety, Depression & Panic Attacks

I had suffered with Anxiety and have struggled for a long time. I was given anti-anxiety and anti-depressant tablets by my doctor, as well as being offered and receiving counselling alongside this. Although I still suffered bad anxiety and panic attacks regardless of the medication and counselling, I thought I would try and tackle this from a different angle. I initially believed Reach Healing’s treatment would not work and was very sceptical, but there were things that Raj mentioned, that made sense in order for me to give this a go.
Since the 2 sessions with Raj, which was just over 2 months ago, I have not only calmed down a lot within myself, I also find things generally a lot clearer. Not only in my day to day life, but I sleep better, because I am able to stop myself from not using all my energy panicking every day. I would highly recommend this form of treatment, especially more if you are sceptical, as you will be pleasantly surprised how it can help you overcome the problem that you are trying to deal with in a real sense.

Procurement Officer