Congestion and Mucus in Chest

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I had a feeling where I was always needing to clear my throat but despite doing this the airways never felt fully clear. I was prescribed a nasal spray by my doctor that has it's own side effects so I stopped using this, after discussing with Raj, a Reach Healing Practitioner in passing, and going for an alternative option.

The constant clearing of the throat was really getting me down and was energy sapping, it is great to be more or less back to normal after this persistent issue that has lasted about 8 months.

Reach Healing's treatment really helped me, the problem has settled down now I still clear my throat as anyone would but the constant repetition of doing this has stopped. After the initial treatment I felt more energy and more relaxed, I've had two sessions in total. I would use this method again and I definitely would tell my family and friends.

Michael Whittaker

Learning Technologist Wakefield