Carpal Tunnel Arthritis

I have my own bespoke blinds business where I do all assembly and installations myself, so I could not stop work for two weeks to recover and rest from steroid injections for my carpal tunnel, which I was told by my doctor, is not always successful and treatment might have to continue if the pain persists.

I had been referred to the hospital by my GP, my wrists and fingers ached all the time. It was frustrating and painful and I never found comfort in my joints. I had difficulty putting together the blinds, as I couldn't bend my fingers due to arthritic pain, numbness and pins and needles.

Raj suggested his treatment a year ago in passing, which I never thought about, until I bumped into him again, a month before my injection appointment.

I kid you not, I couldn't believe what changed for me within the first week of my treatment with Raj. The lime bath was amazing, I felt energized and my body and mind felt clearer. I regained more movement and had less pain in my hands just from using the oil everyday. I continued using the oil and had further lime treatments for around a month and in the meantime cancelled my hospital appointment. I still managed to work, even though some days it was a struggle, but it was definitely much less of a problem until it finally clear.

I have told loads of people about Raj. I am the first to say I thought this was very wishy washy and a bit of a con, which isn't what it makes you feel at all. He has also helped me with other health issues, which again have cleared completely. I have also made some lifestyle changes, which I think has been bought on by the way this treatment allows you to be.

If anyone wishes to speak to me on the phone, please pass your number to Raj and I will be happy to call you back about my experience!

Best Wishes

Steve M

Self Employed

Yeadon, Leeds