Knee Pain & Discomfort

I have been experiencing a lingering problem with my knee for 6 months or more, I had seen my Doctor, and found the NHS unsatisfactory for this problem. In order to try and walk properly, I felt I had to clench my thigh muscle, because my knee would just give way to the left or right randomly, which was very painful and weak some days. I continually wore a knee brace to support my leg To stay active I enjoy long walks and DIY, but this sometimes proved to be problematic.

I knew Raj, but it was a friend of mine who convinced me to give this a go after explaining how it had helped him, with Arthritis, otherwise it was something I would never have considered benefiting me or working.

The first session I felt a real difference to my knee, it was much better but it relapsed so I lost confidence in this, but this is something Raj said I could expect to happen and that I shouldn't give up at the first hurdle. Since then I have tried this again twice and touch wood it has remained normal and I can walk properly again. It has been pain free for just over 3 months since and I definitely would tell my family and friends about this.



Yeadon, Leeds