Hay Fever/Lung Scaring Asbestos/Tinnitus/Partial Deafness/Depression

I met Raj from Reach Healing, one day in Yeadon, Leeds. We got talking, after I mentioned I was constantly out of breath, which was bought on by scares on my lungs, as I used to work close with asbestos for many years. The treatment worked very well indeed, and helped within a couple of days. I no longer suffer from the short breathiness, or the uncomfortable feeling, which plagued me for over 6 years. My doctor said it was something I would have to live with.

I am all for alternative therapies, so we discussed what else was a problem, as I also suffer with tinnitus and partial deafness for about 25 years, from years of operating machinery, which was really annoying and loud. My hearing has really improved, and the high pitched noise has reduced a lot. The muffling has been less, and I can hear a lot more, but we are still working on this.

I also suffered from depression, which used to really get me down, as well as Hay Fever, which again I have not had since being treated by Reach Healing, even through the height of summer last year. I sleep better, and am definitely more relaxed as a person. I do continue to have treatments, and I find it’s a great form release from stress, remaining in the present and focused, and being able to let go of unnecessary things that can preoccupy me sometimes.

I have recommended Raj to quite a few family and friends, and have heard the difference it has made to them, as I have so far found this way of treatment has gone beyond my own expectations.

Alf Retired Yeadon, Leeds West Yorkshire.