Alcohol Addiction

I first sought treatment with Raj in 2005. My life was in a shambles in many ways. I had not long moved to the UK from New Zealand to live with my English girlfriend. The wheels came off my life in London very quickly, initially along the lines of alcoholism, which led to the abuse of prescription drugs (mainly painkillers and tranquilizers) which also killed my plans to get the job I was trained to do. Of course it put all sorts of strains on my relationship and many friendships. I did have a job, but although reasonably menial, I started not turning up at work and spending the day in the pub instead. This may sound like a happy way to spend a year or two, but believe me when I tell you it is not. Watching the trust and respect of your closest friends disappear before you is soul destroying and takes years to fix.

Anyway, when things were finally at their worst I sought help from Raj. The connection that I had was that my girlfriend worked with someone who knew Raj and got an appointment for me. By this stage I was convinced I was an incurable drug and alcohol addict. I was convinced my only cure was to stop drinking and taking drugs forever and was attending many AA meetings a week. I would never knock the way AA works or how well it works for so many addicts, but I always felt kind of excluded and if I'm honest the thought of never drinking again was terrifying to me.

I felt an immediate rapport with Raj and knew he could help. I never felt pressure and following my first consultation with him I followed the very simple instructions he had given me. I am not, and still firmly believe that I am not, the sort of person to take this type of treatment seriously, but it all made sense in a way I cannot explain. I went from what I would describe as a desperate alcoholic addict, to a sociable drinker without any prescription drugs.

Many times since people have asked how this could have happened. I consider myself far from being able to answer that question. It is not easy. It will take effort and determination on your part. But the results are like nothing I can describe.

If you don't know where to turn, or why one day even bothers to follow the next, then I urge you to get an appointment with Raj. Leave your expectations (if you have any) at the door. Accept what is happening around you without questioning why but accept that you will understand in time. This very well could be the most amazing healing experience of your life, no matter what your affliction.

I am now once again living in New Zealand. I have a great life and so much to thank Raj for. I am not exaggerating when I say I might not be alive today if it were not for him.

One final note, I have received no inducement whatsoever to write this testimonial. I am writing because I know what happened in my own life when I thought all was lost. There is no financial inducement, and I wouldn't accept it if there was. If I was still in London I would drive you to Raj myself - I've stepped right to the edge of the precipice and been pulled back. I owe that man so much.

Feel free to contact me directly if any of what I have said does not appear to have been written by someone who has been through this. I will reply to any request I receive, and you bet I'll give you directions to Raj's door!

A friend to you all,

Adrian Smith Auckland, New Zealand