Anger Management/Career Progression

I have known Raj for a long time, for about 10 to 11 years now - and remember him going to the Far East to learn how to give this form of therapy. After he had been back in London practising such treatment, I decided to see him for some healing myself.

At that time I was having a crisis with my career and as a result of that my anger was manifesting so intensely and in inappropriate places and occasions. I started following Raj's advice and to bathe in the lime bath. After about five sessions my career improved. I was promoted by my place of work to a senior level; my working relationships got so much better that even I was so surprised to notice that certain things that used to annoy or anger me ceased to have such an effect on me.
Another benefit that I got out of this treatment was a general improvement in my health. I became calmer and happier.

Thank you, Raj.

George Hall.
South East London