Superbug Infection

After a course of Healing Treatments with Harj I felt completely rejuvenated.

I had received a serious overdose of radiation treatment, then a shoulder replacement, which left me with a hospital super bug infection. This was followed up with powerful antibiotics over a period of many months, to assist the healing process. This proved to becounterproductive in my case. A friend suggested I tried the healing with Harj.

It was not until Harj started to treat me that I felt better mentally, and physically. The treatment made me feel uplifted and stronger. Harj was able to describe the way my arm felt exactly, in ways I had not disclosed to her.

After just one healing session with Harj, to my surprise, the infection pouring out of my shoulder had almost stopped. I had visited doctors, consultants, hospitals for months trying to control the leaking. From bandaging the shoulder every few hours, and seeing a coloured leaking, I was able to wear a bandage for most of the day, only to see a light leak of a clear liquid on my bandage. This is what made me revisit Harj for a course of treatments. I no longer take any conventional medicine due to my treatments with Harj.

I have nothing but admiration for Harj and the treatments she gave me, which I still have occasionally.

If anyone is looking for alternative and natural healing, I fully recommend that you contact Harj, and I think you will be pleasantly surprised in every respect.

David Isteed,
Retired Business Man,
Central London