My name is Pirjo Ylitalo and I am myself a therapist in Holistic Massage. I first met Raj through a colleague.

I arranged a session with Raj and saw him during the last months of my pregnancy for approx. 4-5 times. It was an eye opening experience, and it allowed me to enter parenthood without fear and a strong bond with my baby.

I have also seen Raj in connection to my relationship with my son's father and to gain some insight into both my own feelings for him, but also in his feelings for me and our son.Again, in this area his work has proved to be immensely valuable and for this I am for ever grateful to him. Raj helped me to see things more clearly and make better decisions within the relationship.

Raj's sessions actually triggered dreams about my situations during the treatment periods. His guidance is clear and very down to earth, something that works, in 'real' life. The knowledge about myself that I gained through Raj's work has stood by me, long after the treatments ended. I would recommend anyone to see Raj, both for physical illnesses as well as emotional uncertainties.

Pirjo Ylitalo,
Holistic Massage Therapist,
South West London