Relationship Problems

I originally spoke to Harj about a partner I was having relationship problems with. At the time we were work colleagues, so it began as one of those normal conversations where you are just discussing a guy. It was then that Harj actually opened up about what she could do, and said she could help with my relationship to resolve the issues I was having. I've always been quite a spiritual person with good instincts, and the healing definitely felt like something I wanted to try.

I was not really apprehensive about the treatment becausethe way Harj approached the consultation and talked about the healing was really good. She made me feel comfortable and free to open up to her about things I probably would not disclose to other people. It was just automatic.

In total I had about two courses of treatments, about six treatments in total. The impact on the relationship was getting stronger with each treatment. In general I am the kind of person who tends to dream a lot, but I noticed a whole new intensity with this healing. My dreams were so much more vivid, and I know I was getting signals in my dreams as to which way I should move with the relationship. I completely relate these premonitions to my healing sessions with Harj, as I could see a pattern developing. Each time she would provide the healing I would get a really intense dream or signal about three days after the treatment. For example, I dreamt there was another woman involved in the relationship, and that I would reject my then partner as a result of this. I guess I was shocked to eventually find out there was someone else in his life, but for me the real shock was that my dream was true. This proved to me that dreams are a real manifestation of what is going on around you.

This was also my confirmation about spiritual existence, I felt something stronger interacting with me out there. Sometimes I would feel apprehensive (in a good way), about what would happen each time I completed treatment, after a while I realised that each time Harj gave treatment, something was going to happen. With every treatment things were happening so fast, I felt like I was in cuckoo land, never knowing what was going to be revealed next.

Anyone who is thinking about coming to see Harj, or even talk to her about their problem, or when meeting her for the first time, please remember, listen to that first thought you have about your situation. When I discussed my issues and dreams with her, it made me really analytical about how I was moving in my life. The most important thing it proved was that the universe will give you anything you ask for.

I got stronger with each treatment, I turned more in to myself, this made things happen, and my family life got better as well. It made me stand up for myself, giving me more self-respect and confidence…' If you want a green pasture, you have to go and look for it'… It doesn't come to you. The healing will open a lot of doors for you, and I really liked the fact that Harj is not influenced by any religion. This therapy and healing is good for people who are open.

I will tell you something, you will come with one problem, and this treatment will resolve so many others in the process. It is a lifelong teaching and cannot be under estimated. Even now, it has been a while since I have seen Harj in her capacity as a healer, but the negativity does not take me over like it used to before I had healing, this benefit of the treatment has never stopped. Harj you have helped me find a new 'power' to overcome my negative behaviour patterns. So please everyone, don't hold back, and go for it!

Coretta Johnson,
Self Employed,
East London