Property Energy Cleansing

We had decided to go for a house Energy clearance treatment for our new house, because a lot of things were failing to materialize for us generally, from a succession of builders not finishing, to pointless arguments continually flaring up around family members who generally got on when they were not at home. We could sense a negative vibe, but not when we first purchased the house. The children were restless all the time, but not in our old place, which is partly understandable from the move, even if it was only around the corner.

A friend of my husband, knew of Raj as he did something similar at his sister's place over a year ago, which has apparently made such a huge difference to their living space. We did go there once and there was a good vibe about the place. I am into feng shui, so I believe everything has a vibration and energy. We felt we had to give it a try after speaking to her about the difference it made to the house we visited, and she told me her house was much worse than ours currently was, after she visited me.

On the first day of the house clearance my sleep became restless and disturbed, I felt the emotional uneasiness that I had been experiencing, although now it had become somewhat heightened. We didn't tell the children and my husband didn't notice anything different.

This uneasiness and tension continued over the next day during the Energy clearance treatment process, but on the third day, I felt a great sense of peace and relief, almost to the point of hearing the silence, at this point, my husband noticed this feeling too, the house felt uplifted and clear, like a weight had been lifted of all of us all.

Within about a month of the clearance we also noticed that the decisions were beginning to be made within the house without arguments, and direction appeared where there had been non before. I felt like the path had been cleared with the building and maintenance work, as it was completed in no time at all. Before I spoke to Raj I was really struggling, like my life was not moving, and I felt stuck in a house which seemed to be filled with anger, looking back. There is a real breakthrough, and I still can't believe the speed at which everything changed, and I genuinely have felt calmer as a person!

I would definitely recommend this.

Basingstoke, Surrey