Property Cleansing

Having received some spiritual therapy for personal issues, I had been telling Harj about how difficult things were still feeling for me with in my house although I was starting to really get my life back together in terms of my confidence, work, and relationships outside my home.

As soon as I was back home I felt like I took two steps back and my internal struggles would start again with continual disruption from uninvited family members, and others I felt were just making my life difficult! As Harj had been providing my with treatments, I was starting to get vivid dreams about how negative I was feeling with in the house, and once Harj interpreted them, she suggested a house clearance!

I remember how difficult things got just before the clearance, I started to see what the problems were, and who was bringing in the negativity into my home life, and it became more and more disrupted until I finally did the house cleansing. Harj said, it would block out the negative energy of anything of anyone who may be bringing it in to my home. The more we talked about it, the more I could see exactly what was happening. I felt like the negativity climaxed right before the treatment, and then a sudden silence. I felt like I would be able to hear a pin drop, finally wrapped up in peace!

I can't tell you how much things improved, no more unwanted family visitors! And that was just the start… ha ha. The horrible panic and low mood left me when I was at home, and despite having other treatments, it was not until the house clearance that I felt like I could actually sit in myself at home! I could finally move around my house freely, and no more tip toeing around!

Pat Steer,
Public Sector