Property Cleansing

I have known Harj for a few years and have been to see her for lime healing before. Knowing that she was quite experienced in energy healing, I felt I had to discuss with her how uncomfortable I was feeling at home. I had mentioned it to her vaguely before, but now I was starting to experiencing objects continuously falling by themselves, and at times when I had been on the phone to Harj I could hear a little girl laughing, this also happened frequently when I was in the shower. Ever since I moved in to the house I did not feel comfortable to go upstairs or move around the house alone. I could constantly feel a presence in the house and numerous things kept happening to make me feel more and more unsettled. I have a stair gate on my stairs, and every morning I would wake up and it would shut and lock itself. I was starting to get nightmares in recent weeks, having visions that would be so scary I would wake up literally shaking. On numerous occasions I would find my daughter talking to someone, and she would often say that she was scared when she was on the stairs which was exactly the same place I felt that uncomfortable presence. Naturally, as a mother of an extremely young child I was worried and my main priority was to protect my child and ensure that she felt safe in her home.

Although I was apprehensive about all this, I had received healing from Harj before and knew she worked doing house clearances. After speaking to her, I instantly felt at ease, as she reassured me that she had dealt with this sort of thing before. The morning after discussing it with Harj, was the first day I did not hear the stair gate, and this was before the house clearance. Harj told me later she had done some distant healing the evening we spoke. This naturally made me trust Harj 100% to do the house cleansing, as I was so reassured by the sudden change. I have always thought I could talk to her about anything, as I have always felt so understood. Harj kept on reassuring me throughout the cleansing process with any queries I had and the assistance really made it a simple process for me and my husband to follow.

During the process I had a couple more nightmares, but on completion of the clearance, I had a dream in which I had a vision of a white Halo. I new this had to be a positive sign and I discussed it with Harj the next day, and she confirmed the negative disturbance, or presence had been cleared, and claimed that confirmation was for me to know that I could now feel safe in my home.

Since the clearance, the noises have stopped, and the stair gate is no longer shutting itself every morning, and more to point my daughter is no longer communing with anyone. I feel so much more at ease and am able to go upstairs alone, and I don't feel that presence at the top of the stairs. My daughter would never go upstairs by herself, and she has been moving around the house more freely, which is just what I want for her, to feel safe in our home. I am glad for doing the property clearance, and I would recommend it to anyone who has experienced anything similar to this.

Manpreet Sangha,
Reception Manager,
Westminster, London