Menopause & Hot Flushes

The effect of my menopause caused me to suffer very badly, with extreme hot flushes, restless and sleepless nights, mood swings and I was irritable and drained and losing a lot of blood, but I noticed how these symptoms reduced, since initially doing the treatment for my knee.

My Doctors advised me to take HRT tablets after my blood test was done, which I refused to take, as there was a strong chance that by taking them, could result in depression, and gaining weight. I decided to try Reach Healings method instead.

My first treatment displayed an intense blockage, which needed further treatment for a shift to occur. This was confirmed as I got a subtle feeling soon as I bathed that gave me temporary clarity. The Second treatment which was with limes and flowers, the hot flushes really calmed down and were less intense. I was now able to deal with my emotions without feeling like I couldn’t. A couple of days later, I literately felt I was being bought back to a normal state with my cycle. I haven’t experienced anything more effects of flushes, heavy blood lose, or the sudden emotional turmoil, where it made everything felt impossible to deal with. And it has now been nearly three cycles since, and I can honestly say, that things have remained that way.

I totally believe in Reach Healing’s Treatments, for me this has been more effective than anything I’ve tried. Raj even suggested that I go and see my GP first, even if it was for a medical opinion. My general wellbeing and health has improved since doing the lime treatment, and I very grateful and thankful to Raj. I feel more positive, less stressed and generally happier. Basically I would do this over and over again if any further problem occurs with my health thank you Raj.

Elaine Edwards,
Camberwell, London