Torn Knee Ligaments

I had initially suffered with knee problems since last summer due to falling down a flight of stairs. The accident left me limping for a long while and the pain would disappear and come back randomly. I had a talk with Raj and he explained the whole process of the healing therapy. After a couple of conversations of talking about it and understanding the process and thinking about it, I was ready to try it.

Usually I don’t believe in anything like this but I was willing to give it a shot. Whilst he meditated on the problem, he also realised I had pains in my ankle, which was amazing because almost 2 years ago I had torn a ligament in my ankle, which left it feeling weak ever since. I had never told Raj this because I didn’t really have any problems with it other than the weakness, but as soon as he was able to touch on the problem and talk to me about what the pains and the problems could really mean in my personal life as well as my injury I was more curious on what this was.

While actually doing the set program, all I could think to myself was how much I actually trusted this therapy to work because I was so calm and the smell of the limes in the bath were so dreamlike. At no point in life did I ever think I would be doing something like this. My mother (Sharon Theodule) thought I was crazy but, as soon as I got out of the bath I felt like a different person. I felt as though the feelings of stress and all the unnecessary thoughts in my life had been left in the bath, I also feel more aware of my surroundings. My mother quickly picked up on how much better I looked. The moment I finished, I felt a new keenness to live life better, not to mention my new job and fantastic Christmas which Raj also meditated for.

The treatment has taken the pain away completely and I feel 100% better, I’m so happy with the way I felt and will soon be using this therapy for a second time to help me progress with my new job. And I have recommended this treatment to my mother who is now going to try this for herself.


Jourdan Theodule
Office Admin & Graphic Illustrator
Islington, North London