Locked Knee

I had an impact fall from the second floor of a building a few years ago, and fractured my foot as a result. A few years later I started to get extreme pain in my knees to the extent that I could no longer sit cross legged and bend my knees as I used to; it would lock as soon as I bent it, and I would have to force it back into place. This was extremely painful and embarrassing as it made a loud clicking noise as the bone shifted into place.

I went for an X-Ray but the doctor didn't find anything wrong. The pain continued and started to get worse to the degree that my knee would lock whilst I was walking and even sleeping. Finally I got as MRI Scan done, and it showed that the Cartilage in the knee had been torn and had broken away. The doctor told me the only solution was an operation, either that or live with the pain. He informed about the likelihood of arthritis in the future as a result of the operation, and could not say for certain that operation would work and be successful. I decided against the Key-Hole Surgery.

One night my knee locked whilst I was sleeping and would not unlock. I went to the A&E unit at my local hospital and they said they weren't able to help. I was in extreme pain and could barely walk. They were only able to give me painkillers for the pain and swelling and some crutches to walk with. They recommended I be put on the waiting list for the operation - a few weeks!

I have known Harj since childhood, but had not had any treatments from her in her capacity as a healer. She had spoken about the treatments she did and hence I decided to call her. A natural cure seemed much less scary than the operation. Amazingly, after only one treatment the following morning my knee unlocked itself, and I was able to walk immediately. I could not believe it! Harj dealt with the situation extremely well, in a kind yet professional manner with genuine empathy and consideration. She was able to diagnose and cure the problem immediately.

Since the treatment the knee has not locked again, and I am now able to sit cross legged and bend my knee normally. Not only was I saved from the operation, but I feel as though my knee has been restored to how it was before the fall.

Beth Risen
Hainault, Essex