Knee Pain

I was suffering from pains in my left knee after going to the gym in the morning. The pain was excruciating and my knee was also making a clicking noise every time I bent down to pick anything up. I already had a Reach Healing Treatment, so I already experienced the benefits from previous sessions.   Raj advised on what to bring on this occasion, so he could be shown any blockage or imbalance in greater depth. After the home care pack, I felt really energetic, and light, like a load had been lifted. I felt very calm, happy and rejuvenated and I slept like a baby for weeks after my treatment. 

The pain reduced a great deal, but didn’t completely go, but was definitely an improvement on how it was before.  Raj gave me more oil to support the healing process. I carried on with daily life duties and realised soon after that there was no pain or discomfort, and I was able to bend my knees without and twinge or sudden pang. It had gone, totally gone. 

Elaine Edwards,
Camberwell, London