Knee Joint

I was suffering from knee joint stiffness over the years from playing squash and golf and it was constantly sore and stiff. I have tried cranial sacral and Reiki energy field work, only temporally feeling better but it kept on going back to how it was over a short period of time. I got talking to Raj one day, who listened and suggested that I apply the small bottle of oil he offered to give me over the affected area over 3 days, which after only 2 days the soreness and stiffness disappeared completely and has not reoccurred in the last 4 months.

I asked him how it could have had the impact it did and if you needed to believe in this sort of treatment for it to work? Raj replied, that I didn’t know what the oil was when I got offered it in the first instance, and the realisation of the result should be all the belief that I needed as proof. I found Raj’s approach sympathetic, practical and it worked for me.

Peter S,
Tunbridge Wells