Insomnia/ Back Pain


I had constant pain in my back and neck and it got really uncomfortable, which prevented me from being able to sleep properly for about 2 weeks, and it got really uncomfortable, which prevented me from being able to sleep properly for about 2 weeks. I considered seeing my GP again for this, but I wanted to see what else I do for myself in the meantime as my first visit did not benefit me in the way I had hoped.

I was sent a web link for Reach Healing from a colleague, who recommended I try this. I was so impressed this has had an impacted so many people, so I decided to try this for myself. I also thought about having a massage or aromatherapy treatment, which previously helped, but only temporarily, as the problem kept coming back.

Raj dealt with me professionally, but above all he was really helpful. I was given oil which I applied over the area over until it finished.

Gradually over the week the pain and stiffness disappeared. I also felt very restful and slept much better for a period of time just after. We also discussed that I should not let things build up, and deal with problems as they occur, letting things stew, made me feel burdened and stressed, which I noticed aggravated my back and neck.

Elaine Edwards,
Camberwell, London