Insomnia and Sleep Disorder

In recent months I had very poor bouts of sleep sometimes only half an hour a night. Having tried a variety of medicines and herbal options I brought it up in conversation with Raj. I explained my problems and the remedies that I had tried to help get myself into a normal sleep pattern.

After talking he asked me if I was willing to try an alternative to the medicines I had already tried. I could only give it a try. I agreed. After the first few nights I had managed to get between four and six hours sleep which was definitely an improvement on previous months and ever since my hours of sleep have increased and remained normal. I have also had better quality sleep as I was quite a light sleeper.

I am convinced that this improved quality of sleep is down to Raj and the remedy he provided. And for this I am thankful.

Stuart Brown,
Housing Officer, Public Sector,
Beckenham, Kent