Increased Sales/Confidence

I have not been in telesales long, and wouldn’t say I was a natural sales person, but somehow I've got used to this industry, so I wanted to be able to improve myself. My cousin mentioned Reach Healing at a family social event, so I got in touch with Raj, he explained the process. I booked a distance healing session appointment.

I've gained the confidence, and am so much more relaxed in conversation with customers and friends, and have really come out of my shell. I don't panic anymore, when someone says 'not interested' on the phone, where I used to feel annoyed and stressed, which doesn't happen anymore. I am exceeding my targets and am looking forward to experiencing new challenges, something I used to dread before.

This has changed me and I am happier, more social as a person and would recommend this, definitely.

Battersea, London