Emotional fatigue and a general lack of direction in my life was a real problem when I came for treatment at Reach Healing. Having spoken to Raj about various things, he suggested that I try the healing treatment. I consider myself a spiritual and open-minded person, so figured that I had nothing to lose.

Raj was very sensitive, patient and knowledgeable, his manner and demeanour instil confidence. He also made sure that I was clearly aware that my actions would be partially responsible for any successes/breakthroughs following treatment in terms of 'listening' to my body and mind and truly feeling any shifts and/or blockages.

A few days after the treatment, I noticed that I was much calmer and felt mentally stronger. It's now some months on and I have mostly maintained that feeling. I have also been able to look at specific issues objectively and apply an unemotional logic to help them reach a conclusion and gain more confidence in myself and my abilities. I was also sleeping better.

I have tried Reiki as an alternative treatment before however I don't feel that I knew enough about it to gain anything other than physically tangible results (I attempted it for pain relief). I felt a greater level of understanding of the problem I had, how to deal with it, and the results I achieved with this healing!

Heather Watts,
Client Management,
SW London