I was born with epilepsy, but it subsided when I was very young until 1976, since then I have always been prescribed very strong medication to support me throughout my life. I am also partially blind, but try and lead an active life as possible, by working as a reception clerk for a local charity and by going to the gym and socialise with friends and family. Raj is related to me, and offered his service to try and see if he could help me have a better quality of life as I try to be as independent as I can. I have been following Raj's advice and receive treatment when possible, which has so far allowed the fits to be further apart than they were before. I used to get them at least every two weeks, but so far this has reduced to around 5 to six times a year.

We also did the treatment for when I was desperately trying to move away from the area I was living in, because it was being run down by youths, and vandals who didn't have respect for the public, disabled or otherwise. Which I felt has worked, because soon after doing so, I was re-housed and living in a more safe and secure area, where I knew friends and family, and where I didn't need to feel as uncomfortable as I did.

Rajinder Johal,
Reception Clerk,
Charlton, London