Depression & Addiction

I had suffered with depression for many years, but this had worsened for about four months before I came to see Raj. I had tried various treatments including anti-depressants. I then tried reflexology and seeing a councillor and I remember coming out and feeling worse sometimes than when I went in. I had tried to meditate but couldn't concentrate and I also read self-help books.

Finally I read one of Raj's pamphlets from a clinic reception that I was visiting, and decided to give it a try as nothing else was providing lasting effects. After four or so treatments I felt more energy and confidence and control over my life and my fears.

I now live a life that is free of depression, and at the age of 59, I have now made a new start in the USA. It’s amazing how meeting Raj has turned my life around and changed what was a boring life into a positive and fulfilling one.

The healing treatments and advice that were provided is invaluable and I still keep in touch with Raj today. He has taught me a better way of living which has led to a second chance in life. I used to go to a meditation and healing group called 'White Eagle' and I enjoyed it a lot, but it did not give me the tools to change my life.

The best thing about my treatments with Raj was all the positive comments I received from friends and family who noticed the changes in the way I approached things and how happy I looked. This treatment works because it was not just a case of feeling better, but from that point I was able to change the environment around me which had been the same for years. This is what really proved that the healing changed me and cured my addiction.

I have since moved to Ohio, to start a new life.

Mike Bull,
Self Employed Builder,

East Sussex, now living in Ohio USA