Cocaine Addiction

I was spending sometimes £300 a week on a Cocaine habit which had spiralled out of control. I run my own business, and am quite successful, but with success there is a lot of pressure. I usually went well beyond my means, and it put a strain on my relationship. I started to socialise more to escape what was really going on.

My wife made the appointment with Raj, and came with me as support, as she wanted to know if I was going to admit and face my addiction. I felt uncomfortable, not knowing Raj or how seeing he was going to make any difference. I already tried cold turkey a few times, but it had all got out of control and was unbearable.

My first treatment was to this day an amazing experience. I felt very light like there was clarity in my mind to make a clear choice not to take the cocaine for the first time in ages. But after a relapse, which I was told to expect, Raj said that progress would present itself again, but it was important to continue the sessions, to feel strong enough to quit. We talked about my social habits and my weaknesses. The treatment cured me of my anxiety and my focus came back. I even cut back on Alcohol with the sessions, which added to the fuel of relying on cocaine. I have also given my wife the trust she deserves.

Before I met Raj, this treatment did not seem relevant to what was happening in my life, but now I realize how much more I can achieve. If you’ve hit a brick wall, then I suggest you try this treatment. I feel calmer, less anxious, and have more respect for myself and others. I also am free from the need for drugs and so much richer in my pocket.

Anonymous – Self Employed
West London