Career Progression/ New Job

Because of the treatment benefits I previously received for my back and knee, I was definitely more open to try this to assist me with career progression. Raj and I had already spoke of gearing myself for my long term ambition to working in Europe, or moving up the ladder in my current career path. I was advised to not pay too much attention right now on a future dream which I was keen to pursue, and stay open to the present opportunities, that could be of great benefit and provide a solid foundation, awareness and greater gain more confidences as well as a wealth of experience for my chosen career path for the future, if I had not made any advances of pursuing that now.

I knew this was reasonable and logical approach, thetreatment also assisted me be not so emotional and stagnant in my approach, and gave me greater clarity, where I was overly thinking about scenarios, without anything actually happening.

I went for the job as it was suggested to me after the lime treatment, I was told about the competition from the lime reading, but the job was mine, which did give me greater freedom on the day of my interview, I got offered the job and was even told when I was offered, that it was a close competition.

I am also discussing other ways of exploring this healing technique with Raj to enhance myself generally, as I have become more aware of things generally, and have also gone through changes that are speaking for themselves in my everyday interaction.

Marcel Piquemal
North London