Bowel Cancer/Blood Clots

My brother was receiving chemotherapy for cancer cells found in his stomach, he was also on powerful steroids for blood clots on his legs. On top of this he recently had surgery to his bladder, because he urinated too regularly. Coping with all this was very painful and difficult to watch. The doctors thought he might not make it as he was having adverse effects from the chemotherapy and 33% cancer cells.

This was utterly devastating and I got myself in such a state knowing that I had already lost someone very close to me in a similar way, was unbearable that my brother could have the same fate. I don’t know what made me phone Raj, it could have been pure desperation or fate or both, but I am now convinced, as is my sister-in-law, that the Distant Healing Treatment saved his life. Raj explained that he would do his best, but did not promise anything because of the point my brother had gone to. I carried out the treatment instructions on behalf of my brother.

During the initial treatments I felt exhausted. I felt everything from the weakness in my body and mind, and pangs in my stomach, to the heavy numb feeling in my left leg, where my brother had the blood clots, this feeling wore off in 2 days. Raj explained I was being shown the state of my brother’s health and where in the body he was sick, even though the healing was being transported to him. This was my confirmation that something was changing for him from what I was doing.

Even the doctors were very surprised with my brother’s recovery time. When I visited him two days later, he looked fresher in himself, which was hard to actually comprehend from where I saw him 3 days ago, my sister-in-law identified this herself. He did relapse a week later, but not as bad as it was prior to this. We did the treatment again, as Raj advised it was important not to leave the healing mid air as the process was not complete. He was now sitting up and laughing and looked stronger than I have seen him in a while, not just since he as been diagnosed, but he looked stronger inside, my sister-in-law has also witnessed this, but my brother is not aware of what we have done on his behalf.

The doctors came back and said, the cancer has completely cleared, and there is only one detected clot, but I need to also have that confirmation back from Raj that he could see from the treatment that things were clear. Raj has helped me with my own health issue in the past, but this is something, that I didn’t think could possible help as it was cell related, but it did. You have to really follow things through to get a result. I don’t know how this is possible, but it seems like it is possible, but not in the way you would imagine.

Thank you Raj, one day I will tell my brother when the time is right.

Elaine Edwards,
Camberwell London