Back Pain

I have suffered with a bad back for many years; it had got so stiff and painful to move around that it was driving me mad. I was taking anti-inflammatory tablets which occasionally helped, but didn’t always make any difference. I applied the meditative healing oil over the course of about a week.

The pain subsided a great deal and over a couple of weeks, giving me some flexibility back as well as a good night sleep. Following that it has disappeared completely and has not returned for around 6 months.

I wouldn’t have believed that meditating on oil would have made a difference to how my back feels now, but am more open minded the fact that it worked for me.

I would recommend this for physical pain definitely. I don’t have access to the website Raj mentioned, but I am happy to share my experience because I know how uncomfortable having a back pain is!

Joe Chambers,
Security Guard & Reception Staff
Croydon, Surrey.