Arthritis/Distant Healing

I have been getting arthritic shooting pains in all my fingers on both hands for around 2 years. My GP advised me that as I am on four different types of medication for my high blood pressure which was diagnosed in 1979, it wouldn’t be advisable to take any more medication to treat my arthritis, as my medication is already very strong, so she couldn’t recommend anything further that might help.

I’ve already sought help from Raj for my back pains, which hasn’t given me any problems for almost a year since, touch wood!

He advised me to try the treatment for my arthritis and if it helped also apply the same system to his high blood pressure. But as I work 12 hour shifts most days, it was not really suitable to me, so I took a Distant Healing Treatment and a bottle of meditated oil which Raj suggested. I have now been applying the oil for over a month, day and night.

The treatment has paid off remarkably well. I no longer get the uncomfortable sensations or stabbing pains, and my hand movements are what I would consider normal. We are now talking about reducing my blood pressure, if this is at all possible it would be interesting to see if anything changes, as my arthritis feels like it has completely gone.

I have told a few more people about this man, and I’m convinced he can help you, without drugs and without side effects. Thanks again.

Joe Chambers,
Security Guard & Reception Staff
Croydon, Surrey.