Anxiety & Anger/ Bedwetting/Weeping Eye

This is something that I had heard of, but I never ever considered it helping me in a real life and practical way. I had been to see clairvoyance's where my cards were read but always walked away from this empty, because I was told something was going to happen, yet I didn't feel I knew what to do to overcome things to make things better. I was at work one day and one of my customers Raj mentioned about the spiritual healing and said that he could help me.
I accepted his offer on the basis that I really had nothing else to lose. So myself and my children aged 11 and 13 went. Once I had arrived the atmosphere was so calming and such a relaxing aura in the air.  I sat down began to tell Raj about myself and the problems that I and my children were in.
At the end of the session we went home and we did exactly what was asked for us to do. The next morning I woke in such a calm manner and seemed to feel so relaxed, the tight knot of anger inside my tummy had disappeared and to this day has never returned. I had a different outlook on life and felt more in control. Within time my eldest son who was born premature with slopping eyelids, has had several eye operations. His eyes would constantly be watery and sore and was on medication for this. The water that I took to Raj was then given back to me to splash on his eyes, which soon made them stop weeping and they were a lot less sore. And my youngest son who has always had a problem with bedwetting suddenly stopped after the treatment, and was more confident in himself.
My family could see that was more a togetherness in our relationship, we communicated more and I sensed a connection, with less friction and more wiliness and accept change. Colleagues, friends and family have noticed a difference with me in general.
With regards to myself, I went again to see Raj getting slightly anxious as time went on, my doctor recommended myself sleeping tablets due to a recent split from my partner hence going homeless and not knowing where I would be able to provide a roof over my children's head. I believed in this man and that things would change. Admittedly this came true, I did manage to sleep without the medication and as if at the final moment, I was offered secure housing for me and my children. I do believe that without the help of Raj I would not have coped as well as I did. I am still in contact with Raj and would highly recommend this form of healing to anyone.

Julie Robinson,
Basildon, Essex