At Reach Healing, we provide our method of treatment, both spiritual healing and mentoring, in all of the following areas:

Business Development – Improving communications, team building, increasing sales, improving customer relations, achieving short and long term targets.

Career Progression – Increasing confidence at work, utilising or enhancing an existing skill set better, managing and interacting with colleagues more effectively, looking for a new job or promotion.

Physical Illness – Alleviating or removing physical symptoms, whilst providing emotional support. 

Distance Healing – This applies to all categories of healing and mentoring. You do not have to physically come and meet with a practitioner. We can carry out distance healing, and are able to post you anything that you require for actual use as part of the treatment.

Property Cleansing – Spiritual energy cleansing of homes, businesses and properties, rebalancing energies and aura, to evoke the desired effect.

Relationship Issues – family, parental, intimate, marital, adultery, romantic, loneliness, separation and divorce. 

Emotional and Psychological Issues Managing and alleviating anxiety, depression, eating disorders and post-traumatic stress disorder.

All therapies are specifically designed for our clients, and prices for treatments vary. Please call one of our practitioners for a free consultation; a quote will be provided for the cost of your treatment as well.